SunTrust, like many banks, has a large, complex ecosystem of product offerings that has struggled to meet the technical and experiential expectations of today’s business users. One expectation is that users should have access to all of their applications from a single location, rather than requiring different login credentials across all of their applications.

Before I joined SunTrust, SunView was developed as a way for users to access various applications via single sign-on (SSO).

When SunView was being piloted, teammates used a third-party application to migrate customers to the new platform. However, client services teammates were concerned that the app would not be able to migrate our 10,000+ commercial clients, plus any new business. We needed to build our own solution so we could better manage the process and get clients set up faster.

The initial product strategy was to transition cohorts of clients to the new platform in four phases, which would have been a logistical nightmare. So, I conceptualized, pitched, and delivered a simplified workflow that allowed us to onboard any client in a single phase. The product launched in January 2020.

The simplified product strategy: I whittled a four-phase strategy down to one phase.

My role
I led the discovery, design strategy, and interaction design for this project. I partnered with a UI Designer who delivered high-fidelity mocks. As the design lead, I worked closely with my product manager and engineers to create features and define the processes that help teammates onboard and provide support to clients. I also worked with our solutions architect to ensure that the architectural model could facilitate these flows and interactions.

What I did
• Influenced product strategy through design proposals.
• Uncovered pain points for internal users through generative studies, and shared findings with my scrum team.
• Collaborated with our internal teams to assess, dissect, and improve the data and workflow needs of our internal users.
• Established a dual-track design/development process with my scrum team. Read about that process here →
• Led work sessions to bring clarity and alignment by diagramming workflows and visualizing complex problems.
• Prototyped solutions in Adobe XD, and coordinated usability testing with researcher(s).

• Reduced time to migrate existing SunTrust clients to SSO platform.
• Improved overall agile development process within scrum team.
• After launch, evaluated the shortcomings of the final product, which provided a baseline and starting point for a similar product for Truist.
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