Seventh Generation Hand Dish Soap bottle
Seventh Generation Dish Liquid Bottle - Consolidated Container Company (Summer 2014)
During my industrial design internship with Consolidated Container Company (CCC), I had the opportunity to design the dish liquid bottle for Seventh Generation, a major natural household products company. My design was eventually manufactured and now appears on store shelves!
Cross-Communication Skydiving Gloves - Georgia Institute of Technology (Spring 2015)
Caelus is a skydiving glove that allows skydiving instructors and students to communicate to each other using hand signals. The glove picks up signals using touch and accelerometer sensors and transmits those signals to the other person's glove where it is viewable on an LED array.
Kosoma Fragrance Jewelry  - Georgia Institute of Technology (Fall 2015)
Kosoma is a line of 3D printed jewelry the offers you a bold and fashionable way to wear your favorite perfumes and essential oils. The name 'Kosoma' is a combination of two Greek words: kósmima (jewel, gem, adornment), and ároma (aroma, perfume).
Infuse Mobile App - Georgia Institute of Technology (Fall 2015)
Rooted in aromatherapy and color therapy healing techniques, Infuse is a conceptual mobile application and essential oil product line that aims to provide personal healing methods and promote emotional wellness.
Swoop Hair Pins - Georgia Institute of Technology (Spring 2016)
With the goal of designing a product that is both decorative and functional, I sought out design opportunities in an area that I am personally very familiar with: naturally curly hair. Taking functional cues from reusable chopsticks, I developed Swoop - a line of small and large hair pins designed primarily for textured hair.
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